The law firm of Bolen Robinson & Ellis, LLP (“BRE Law”) was founded in 2004 by Jon D. Robinson and Christopher M. Ellis. In the years since, Jon and Chris have built a firm committed to putting clients first and delivering exceptional results.

Our Firm

Our firm has enjoyed substantial growth over the years. We now have a full-service team of thirteen experienced lawyers able to provide comprehensive legal solutions for our clients.
With offices in Decatur, Bloomington, Sullivan and Lincoln, our firm has a presence throughout Central Illinois. We are confident that whatever your legal need, our firm can either help you or direct you to a firm who may be able to help you.

Our Lawyers

Our team of lawyers includes:

  • Jon D. Robinson
  • Christopher M. Ellis (currently out on an indefinite medical leave)
  • Steve Wood
  • Shane M. Mendenhall
  • Matthew C. Spain
  • L. Drew Hickey
  • Joshua G. Rohrscheib
  • Nrupa Patel
  • Zachary T. Anderson
  • Andrew Wessler
  • Courtney Anderson