The American Automobile Association (AAA) is fairly unique among the various automobile insurers that operate within the United States. Its primary function is as a “federation of motor clubs” rather than specifically as an insurance provider. Unfortunately, even though the organization is ostensibly not-for-profit, it can still be challenging to get a fair settlement offer through AAA following a serious car crash.

If you need help filing a AAA car accident claim in Bloomington or fighting a claim rejection, you should strongly consider getting in touch with an experienced local lawyer. Negotiating with insurance adjusters by yourself can often be challenging if your goal is to recover comprehensively for all your losses but having skilled legal representation can help you maximize your recovery in your claim.

Why Does AAA Deny Auto Accident Claims?

Our clients in automobile accidents pursue claims against AAA in two different scenarios: 1) Some are injured by an at-fault driver who is insured by AAA, and 2) some are AAA policyholders who are pursuing coverage from their own uninsured or underinsured coverage on their policy. The reasons a company give for denying a claim would typically depend on the scenario.

For liability claims or claims against an at-fault driver insured by AAA, the company may attempt to deny the claim based on a theory of comparative fault. They may also claim that their insured’s coverage lapsed or that no coverage was available for the accident. Another common basis of a denial is claiming that medical treatment and other damages are not related to the accident. In addition to outright denials of claims, a AAA adjuster may make a low offer based on some combination of the factors above, or simply based on a desire to save the company money.

For AAA policyholders, the company may still offer a low settlement value, perhaps based on incomplete information, a lack of documentation about your damages, or based on other factors. Your lawyer can negotiate on your behalf with the claims adjuster to try to get to the bottom of a claims denial or the rationale behind a low offer, and can pursue further legal action in your claim, if warranted.

Seeking Compensation to Match a Case’s True Value

The most important thing people injured in auto collisions can do to increase their odds of a successful case resolution is recognize and navigate around the strategies their insurer may use to weaken their claim. For example, while it is important to respond quickly to direct requests for information from AAA, claimants are not required to provide recorded or sworn statements, nor are they required to speculate about who might be at fault for the wreck—no matter how much their adjuster might try to lead them towards doing so.

The responsibility of negotiating directly with AAA about the true value of a car accident claim is generally best left to an experienced Bloomington lawyer. Once retained, legal counsel could help collect and preserve important documentation, examine the specific terms of a claimant’s policy to determine what it actually covers, and work tirelessly to pursue a fair settlement offer based on the circumstances.

Contact a Bloomington Attorney to Discuss a AAA Car Accident Claim

As popular an option as it is for Illinois residents looking to buy car insurance, AAA unfortunately isn’t the most customer-friendly insurance provider when it comes time to file a claim.  Our team could help you maximize your recovery, minimize your medical bills and liens, and make the claims process much easier for you, so you can focus on your physical recovery and getting your life back.

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