Placental abruption is a pregnancy complication that occurs when the placenta detaches from the uterus before the mother is ready to give birth. Since the placenta provides nutrients to the baby and oxygen for its blood, any problem with the placenta endangers the child. It could also endanger the mother, as sometimes placental abruption causes significant blood loss.

If your family has experienced a placental abruption and your child has injuries resulting from the event, you could potentially bring a malpractice action against the medical professionals who handled the pregnancy and delivery. Consult a Bloomington placental abruption lawyer for advice about how to get accountability for the trauma your family has experienced.

How Does Placental Abruption Impact a Fetus?

A baby whose mother experienced a placental abruption could be affected in several ways. The specific issues the infant might face depend on when the placental abruption occurred. The earlier in the baby’s development, the more severe the impact might be. In severe cases, placental abruptions can lead to fetal death and stillbirth.

Underdevelopment is a problem with placental abruption because the fetus might not have received enough nutrients in the womb. Placental abruption could lead to premature delivery, as well as other complications, including:

  • Lung problems, including asthma and bronchopulmonary dysplasia
  • Intellectual impacts which could affect learning and speech
  • Developmental delays
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Hearing loss and vision problems
  • Underdeveloped intestines and problems absorbing food

A child with any of these severe birth injuries could require significant medical intervention for years, perhaps for the rest of their life. An experienced personal injury attorney could help a family in Bloomington dealing with a placental abruption claim calculate the likely cost of this care, and help them prepare a claim for damages that could ease the devastating financial burden of providing this care.

Risk Factors for Placental Abruption

Medical science has not developed a way to prevent placental abruptions, but it has identified some risk factors. Older mothers, mothers carrying multiple fetuses, and mothers who have had abruptions in prior pregnancies are all at high risk of placental abruption. Their pre-natal clinicians should monitor them closely, especially in the third trimester, to identify signs of abruption and take immediate action. A skilled Bloomington attorney could consult with experts to evaluate whether medical personnel were sufficiently attentive to a high-risk mother and provided adequate warnings about the possibility of placental abruption.

Lifestyle factors also play a role in abruption risk. Smoking, drinking alcohol, and using cocaine during pregnancy all increase the likelihood of placental abruption.

High blood pressure is also a risk factor for placental abruption. Trauma, such as falls, automobile accidents, and physical assault, could lead to placental abruption as well.

Depend on a Knowledgeable Bloomington Placental Abruption Attorney

Coping with a potentially permanent injury to your newborn is traumatic, especially if it could have been prevented through proper medical care. The financial needs a family faces after a placental abruption can be overwhelming, particularly the medical and financial needs of an injured child. Fortunately, a compassionate legal professional could help by evaluating your claim, and determining if it may be possible to obtain compensation to help secure your  child’s economic future, and to help ease some of your burdens.

A Bloomington placental abruption lawyer  could provide much needed help and support to your family. Please contact us to get a caring advocate working on your behalf.

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