Semi-trucks can do severe damage when they crash into smaller personal vehicles.  When irresponsible truck drivers or trucking companies cause a tractor-trailer collision, the victims and their families could be entitled to compensation for all the damages allowed by law.  

The Illinois Pattern Jury Instructions — Civil (I.P.I.) describes the elements of recoverable damages available after a Bloomington truck accident case.  If you or a loved one was injured in a crash, you might be entitled to an amount of money that will reasonably and fairly compensate you for any of the damages proved to have resulted from the negligence or wrongful conduct. 

What are the Types of Compensation Available in a Truck Crash Claim?

There are numerous types of damages that should be calculated for an injury claim after a truck crash in Bloomington. While some are for direct financial losses after an accident, others are more subjective and are meant to cover a person’s emotional losses. These damages can be categorized as economic or non-economic.

Economic Damages

After a truck crash, an injured individual might be able to recover the cost of repairing or replacing their vehicle, as well as any other personal property damaged in the wreck. Furthermore, the reasonable expense of any necessary medical care, treatment, and services received can be calculated for a claim, as can the present cash value of reasonable expenses that will be needed in the future.

If a person’s ability to earn a living is affected, they can also request compensation for the value of any wages, profits, earnings, or benefits lost because of the accident. Additionally, the cash value of any of the aforementioned items that are reasonably certain to be lost in the future can also be requested. Lastly, a person can request recovery for the reasonable cost of any caretaking expenses or other necessary help—both past and future—necessitated by their injuries.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages that can be calculated and requested after a truck crash in Bloomington are meant to cover a person’s emotional and physical trauma. For example, an injured claimant could request a monetary award to compensate them for the pain and suffering they experienced because of their accident-related injuries—as well as for any reasonably certain to be suffered in the future.

Similarly, compensation can be requested for emotional distress caused by an injury, or for emotional distress reasonably certain to be experienced in the future. Under some circumstances, a claimant can even recover damages for negligent infliction of emotional distress—even if there was not a physical impact.

Additionally, compensation may also be requested for:

  • A shortened life expectancy—this has been recognized as a separate element of compensable damages and can be requested if there is evidence that life expectancy has been shortened by the injuries
  • Compensation for a “loss of normal life”—any temporary or permanent diminished ability to enjoy life, including an inability to pursue the pleasurable aspects of life
  • Reimbursement for current or future disabilities caused by the injuries
  • Compensation when the injury causes an increased risk of future harm
  • Disfigurement—this has been recognized as a separate element of compensable damages in Illinois when scarring or other kinds of disfiguring injuries occur

Seek Legal to Pursue Recoverable Damages After a Bloomington Truck Crash

If you were injured in a truck crash, it is important to carefully consider and document all of the economic and non-economic losses that resulted from the accident. To this end, an experienced personal injury lawyer can listen carefully to what you have been through, gather all of the records necessary to document your losses, and fight to get you everything you deserve.

Furthermore, you do not pay us anything unless and until we are successful in recovering compensation for you. However, there may be important legal deadlines to meet when looking to pursue recoverable damages after a Bloomington truck accident. Contact us immediately for a free consultation.

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