Case Snapshot: $270,000 Macon County Slip and Fall Settlement

My partner and I (with much help from our fantastic team) successfully settled a case for a client who had a bad fall due to a hazard a neighbor created over a public sidewalk. After many rounds of long and difficult settlement negotiations, we were able to achieve a $270,000 settlement for our client.

It is always a good idea to check local ordinances for help with cases like this one. The following language from Chapter 41 of Decatur’s City Code was very helpful: “Any person who shall place or leave or cause to be placed or left any encroachment, obstruction or encumbrance in or upon any street, alley, avenue or sidewalk, shall in all cases be liable to the City and to private persons for all injury or damage arising therefrom.”

We are thrilled with the result for the client and grateful for her patience and trust in our team.

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