Coats for Sheridan in 2021

For the past few years, my wife and I have donated coats to students in need at Sheridan Elementary School. Last year we donated 100 coats along with some hats and gloves. This year, with a new baby at home, time got away from me and I haven’t been able to coordinate a time to go coat shopping with school administrators like in years past, but Sheridan’ Principal, Danel Behrends-Harr, kindly offered to coordinating shopping for coats for her students this year, and I just dropped off a check to keep this annual tradition going.

My Aunt Brenda spent many years working in a school cafeteria, and would notice the kids who were in need of a coat, and would shop for them and discreetly pass out coats to those in need. She was very special to me and I want to continue this tradition each year in her memory.

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