Dog Bites

Man’s best friend can be less than friendly. Dog bites and other animal attacks can result in terrible pain and suffering and serious injury, scarring, and disfigurement. Animal attacks can result in thousands of dollars in medical bills and expenses as well as lost wages and income, and can even result in temporary and permanent disability. Pet inflicted injuries should be not be treated lightly or as inevitable.

Why should you hire a Decatur attorney for a dog bite or animal attack?

A dog or pet owner has a legal duty and responsibility to properly train, supervise, restrain and control his animal, whether on his property or in public. If you’ve been bitten or suffered an unprovoked animal attack, that duty has been breached and you have legal rights to proper compensation for the harm done. Homeowners’ or other insurance may cover these losses, but you are more likely to see justice, get treated fairly financially, and help to make sure it doesn’t happen again or to someone else, if you secure the services of a good personal injury lawyer for advice on how to proceed.

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