Donating Coats to Sheridan Elementary School

Photo with Sheridan Principal and Assistant Principal

My Aunt Brenda was one of my all-time favorite people. She was generous, wise, incredibly funny, and always encouraging. For years she worked as a school lunch lady. She always watched for the kids who came to school without a coat when it got colder. She remembered them, shopped for them, and discreetly pulled countless kids aside to give them winter coats. In her fond memory, I purchased about 100 coats for kids in need at Sheridan Elementary School in Bloomington. I’m grateful to my cousin Jill (Brenda’s daughter) and her daughter Avery, who helped me pick out coats for the kids. I also appreciate the principal and assistant principal from Sheridan who helped pick out coats and gloves, and their team of volunteers who helped distribute the coats.

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