Construction sites, whether residential or commercial, private or public, are a common sight in Normal. Highway and road repairs, shopping center renovations, and parking lot upgrades are essential to the economy and welfare of our town.

However, construction sites pose risks to both those who work on them and those passing by them. Project managers, whether municipal or private, have a duty to keep workers and civilians safe. When they fail to, and someone gets hurt, it can give rise to civil liability.

If you or a loved one suffered a worksite injury, contact a Normal construction accident lawyer to learn more about your legal options. An experienced injury attorney could determine whether you are eligible to file a workers’ compensation or personal injury lawsuit and guide you through the process to seek compensation.

Civilian Worksite Accidents

Construction project managers have the responsibility to take precautions to protect both invitees and licensees. An invitee is a guest, while a licensee is someone allowed on the property to further their own interests.

Bystanders who are not technically on a construction site can also be injured. Under premises liability law, a landowner must take reasonable care under the circumstances to protect these people from harm.

On worksites, the number of hazards can range from open earth pits to high voltage lines to heavy machinery. Construction sites must properly post signs and fencing where appropriate.

However, insufficient warnings could result in serious accidents happening. For example, falling objects can strike pedestrians passing below high-up construction, or construction hazards not properly marked off can result in car crashes.

In these circumstances, the landowner, business, or construction company may be responsible for the damages if found negligent. Unfortunately, identifying the correct defendant can be difficult in a construction site accident where many parties may play different roles in the building.

A Normal construction accident attorney could be advantageous in making this determination. Legal counsel could help an injured party hold the wrongdoer accountable and seek damages for medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering endured by negotiating with insurance companies or filing a civil suit for damages.

Construction Worker Injuries

Injured construction workers may have a worker’s compensation claim and may also have a third-party claim if the party causing the injury was a party other than their employer. Whether or not the injury was caused by their employer, they may utilize the state’s workers’ compensation system to pursue reimbursement for an on-the-job injury.

Under Illinois law, an injured construction worker can seek workers’ compensation benefits regardless if they were at fault for the incident. The process involves reporting the accident to the employer immediately and subsequently gaining an understanding of the employer’s workers’ compensation policy and its requirements and limitations. An injured employee will need to file a complete and timely claim.

While this may sound straightforward, insurance providers sometimes turn claimants down for errors. A claim denial means delayed benefits. The claimant must assess the issues and resubmit before the next deadline passes. An experienced attorney in Normal could help ensure an injured construction worker does not miss the required deadlines.

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Whether you are merely entering or passing by a construction site or you work on one, you have the right to be safe from harm under the law. Injuries from construction accidents can be grave. Medical bills can mount quickly if the accident necessitates emergency services and immediate medical attention.

An attorney could help you understand the law and the possible value of your case. Call a Normal construction accident lawyer today to explore the options available to you.

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