A serious train accident could leave someone with grave injuries or even fighting for their life. If you were involved in a train wreck that resulted in severe bodily injuries, you may have a legal claim to compensation.

A Normal train accident lawyer could assess your case and determine who is liable for your damages. Once retained, a skilled personal injury attorney could defend your legal rights and hold the at-fault party accountable for their negligence.

Common Causes of Train Wrecks in Normal

There are many potential causes of a serious locomotive accident. Sometimes, the crash may occur between two trains, or be a single-train incident. Serious train collisions can occur due to malfunctioning equipment, poor track management and maintenance, or operating a train at excess speeds. Poor welding or human error by the conductor could cause a devastating or deadly accident.

The outcomes of a train accident can be catastrophic. If one or more train cars derail or flip over, the possibility of grave or fatal injuries being suffered is significant. Common train accident injuries can include spinal cord injuries, crushing injuries, and traumatic brain damage. Internal bleeding, organ damage, broken bones, contusions, and concussions are also common. Due to the severity of the injuries often suffered in train wrecks, a local attorney could help a claimant seek a substantial damages award.

Recoverable Compensation

A Normal attorney could help someone involved in a train crash seek several types of financial compensation for their injuries. These forms of recovery could include both general and special damages. General damages refer to certain collateral losses from train accident injuries, such as the lost ability to earn income in the future, pain, suffering, mental trauma, and reduced life enjoyment.

Special damages are more quantifiable and indicate the losses that have a particular monetary value, such as the individual’s hospital bills, surgery costs, and physical therapy.

Who is Responsible for a Locomotive Crash?

Given the numerous potential causes of train accidents, more than one individual or entity could potentially be liable when a crash occurs. A train crash could result from the negligence of a train conductor, the train company, or an employee of the railroad. A local government entity or other organization that owns the train may also bear liability, depending on the facts of the case. An experienced attorney could perform a thorough investigation to determine legal responsibility for a train crash in Normal.

Speak with a Normal Train Accident Attorney

If you were injured in a recent locomotive accident as a train passenger, employee, or even the driver of another vehicle, you should contact a Normal train accident lawyer for a consultation. An experienced attorney could help you pursue financial compensation if another party’s negligence caused of the accident. Contact a trustworthy attorney today to find out more about your legal options and eligibility for compensation.

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