It comes as no surprise that being in a motorcycle accident can lead to serious or even devastating injuries. Those injuries can cause you to be out of work temporarily or in some cases permanently. An accident that is caused by the negligence of another person may entitle you to compensation. A local attorney who has experience with motorcycle crashes could talk through your options for recovery for your physical, emotional, and financial losses. Therefore, you should reach out to a Pekin motorcycle accident lawyer for guidance.

Do I Need a Lawyer for my Motorcycle Wreck Case?

Insurance companies work hard to limit the amount of money they pay out on any claim against them. They may do this by trying to prove that you were either partially or fully to blame for the accident in which you were injured. An accomplished lawyer in Pekin is experienced with working with insurance companies and knows how to build a strong case on an injured motorcyclist’s behalf. He or she will understand the importance of collecting and preserving evidence, be prepared to prove where the liability lies, and work hard to get a satisfactory resolution in your case.

Should I Agree to Give a Recorded Statement?

The simple answer is “no.” Never agree to give the at-fault driver’s insurance company a recorded or written statement. They will likely tell you it’s necessary to settle the claim – not true. They want the statement to help build a case against you, not for you. A nearby motorcycle crash attorney could work on your behalf during a process that can be complicated and stressful.

How Much is My Motorcycle Accident Case Worth?

How much any personal injury case is worth is based on several factors: who is liable, what damages did you suffer, and what kind of coverage does the at-fault driver carry. Proving the other driver was at fault is just the first step to recovery. You must also be able to prove the extent of your injuries and any other way in which you suffered damages. While the amount of insurance the at-fault driver carries is important, it may also be possible to make a claim against other assets the defendant owns. A consultation with a Pekin  lawyer after a motorcycle crash could help you answer these and other critical questions.

Damages in Pekin Motorcycle Collisions

The very nature of a motorcycle – wide open with little or no protection for the driver or rider – is exactly what leads to the serious injuries that frequently result from an accident. The outcome can be long term medical care, rehabilitation, and the ensuing mounting medical bills.

An injured motorcycle rider may find him or herself unable to work, either while recovering or even permanently, leading to financial hardship. Lost wages are just one area of potential recovery. An injured motorcyclist may also be able to recover for long term disability or pain and suffering, for example.

Disfigurement caused by the crash, including road rash, may be another element of your damages.

A seasoned local attorney with experience handling motorcycle crash cases could help with determining the areas of compensation that may apply to your particular situation.

Establishing Fault in Motorbike Crashes

The first step when filing a personal injury claim is establishing fault. Was the other driver speeding or failing to follow rules of the road, driving while impaired or distracted or driving recklessly? In all of these situations, if another driver is injured as a result, the at-fault driver is responsible for any damage or injury that they cause. One common accident involving motorcycles is the left turn collision, when a driver isn’t paying attention and turns left in front of oncoming traffic, cutting off the motorcyclist who has no time to react.

Building a case will require understanding what evidence will be important to collect and preserve. An experienced motorcycle collision attorney in the area could explain the importance of things like police reports, witness statements, accident reconstruction, photos, and expert testimonies.

Talk to a Pekin Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The injuries that result from a motorcycle accident can often lead to long term medical needs and, frequently, devastating financial losses as well. A Pekin motorcycle accident lawyer could help you recover the compensation you deserve. Call today to discuss your legal options.

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