A substantial part of our practice includes cases referred by other attorneys, including referral partners who have referred many cases over the years. We strive to make the referral process easy, positive, and beneficial for all involved.

Our Commitment to Referring Attorneys

We are grateful for your referrals and make the following commitment to referring attorneys:

  • We promptly communicate with the potential client, usually within 1 hour, always within 24 hours.
  • We will promptly inform you if we are accepting or declining a case, typically within 24 hours. If we decline the case, we will send the client back to you so you can refer the client to another firm.
  • We will always treat your clients with kindness, care, compassion.
  • We will keep you informed and updated on significant developments in the case.
  • We will involve you as much or as little as you and the client desire.
  • When the case is settled, we will contact you before finalizing the settlement to make sure your costs are reimbursed.
  • When we send your referral fee, we will also send a settlement statement signed by the client breaking down the settlement distribution.
  • We always carry malpractice insurance to protect the client, and upon request will provide you a copy of our malpractice insurance policy.
  • We comply with all ethical requirements for co-counsel representation. (See Rule 1.5, Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct). When we accept your referral, you will receive a copy of the Engagement Agreement, reflecting your involvement, your referral fee, and the client’s consent, so all parties are informed and protected.
  • We will never steal a client. If a client you refer contacts us for another injury matter, we will notify you and treat it as another referral from you. If we are contacted for a non-injury matter, we will send the client back to you.
  • We will never stiff a referring attorney, pretend we didn’t know you referred a case, or attempt to renegotiate the referral fee with you. Our relationships and reputation matter much more to us than any referral fee.

Testimonials from Referring Attorneys

"Josh is everything you could want in a referral partner. He puts clients at ease and carefully explains the process to them. He stays in close contact with referring attorneys so you always know what is going on in the case. And he works tirelessly to make sure that the client gets the best possible outcome. Josh is that rare combination of attorney who not only provides first-class client service, but also gets exceptional results." Amelia Buragas icon
“I like working with Josh because he is laser focused on the experience of the client from the moment we start working on a case together. Morning noon or night, weekday or weekend, Josh makes it a priority to reach out immediately to a new client to start working for them. His communication with me is excellent. My confidence in Josh is strong and it makes the relationship work very well.” Joe Pioletti icon
“As an attorney in private practice, I want to make sure my clients are treated well if I refer them to another attorney. I know that when I send clients to Josh, they are in the best hands. Josh is thorough, keeps me up to date on the cases I refer, and always has the best interest of the client at the forefront of his practice. I could not be more pleased with how Josh handles cases I refer to him.” Diane Couri icon
“Josh is smart and creative, and gets excellent results even with difficult issues. I have referred several clients to Josh for matters that I couldn't handle, and the reviews I got back were glowing. I continue to refer clients to Josh with 100% confidence.” Bill Trimble icon