The Power of Dash Cam Video in Personal Injury Cases

Same collision, different stories. We recently settled a side-impact car accident case for a client who was injured at an intersection in Bloomington. Our client said he had a green light. The other driver said he had the green light. So, who was right? Fortunately, our client had a secret weapon—a dashboard camera.

Dashboard cameras are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. Most people purchase them to create a record of their driving, but occasionally they catch unexpected events. In 2013, thanks to the popularity of dashboard cameras in Russia, the world saw dramatic video footage of an asteroid strike over Chelabinsk. These types of videos have raised awareness about dashboard cameras and have led many people to try them out. If you do get a camera, just make sure that it does not block your view. Also, check with your insurance company to see if they offer any discounts on your policy premium.

In our case, the dashboard camera saved the day for our client. The video removed any doubt about who ran the red light, and the police office issued a ticket to the other driver. Thanks to the dashboard camera, our client avoided a ticket. The footage also allowed us to negotiate a favorable settlement for the injuries he sustained in the collision.

Below is the actual video from the car accident. We’ve shared this video and story with our client’s permission.

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