What if you were in an accident or had a stroke or heart attack and that, for whatever reason, you’re unconscious or can’t make decisions? Who decides whether you get a breathing tube or whether a ventilator machine is used to breathe for you, and for how long? God forbid it comes to that — who decides if organs are donated? Hopefully, you will survive, but who will handle your financial affairs and decisions while you can’t? Your spouse? The doctors? Your children? Which one(s)? Your accountant? A judge? The fact is, it can get messy.

Powers of Attorney make it simple and clear. You decide now who has the power to make decisions for you if you’re unable to do it yourself. You can even specify what your wishes are in various possible circumstances, so the one you choose can act according to those wishes.

There are two kinds to cover the two areas — a Power of Attorney for Health-care and a Power of Attorney for Property. The first kind gives your designated “agent” powers to make health-care decisions for you, including the power to require, consent to, or withdraw treatment. The second kind gives your designated “agent” powers to handle your financial affairs. The process is simple, doesn’t take long, and isn’t expensive. DIY (do-it-yourself) versions are even available online. But, an experienced lawyer can explain consequences, answer your questions, make sure you understand what you’re doing, give you advice, and make sure your Powers of Attorney are properly completed and will be in effect when you want or need them to be. Contact me for a no-cost initial consultation.

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