Trucking Accidents

On the whole, truckers are safe, experienced, attentive and considerate drivers. But when they aren’t, the accidents caused can be devastatingly tragic. We’ve all witnessed how damaging, dangerous, and violent these big-rig, semis or 18-Wheelers can be — especially to smaller cars and their occupants.

When a truck driver is unsafe or irresponsible, drives when distracted or overly tired to save time and money, is careless or negligent, or certainly if he’s violated traffic laws and signals, he is responsible for the terrible damages that can result, as in any other kind of auto accident.

In the case of truck accidents, there may be additional legal liability on the part of a trucking company or employer — for poor hiring, training, and supervision practices; or for mechanical defects and malfunctions resulting from poor equipment maintenance.

If you or a loved one suffered injuries or losses in a trucking accident, get the help of an experienced attorney. I’ve served as general counsel to a trucking company and seen both sides of these cases. I can help you determine who was at fault, explain your legal rights, and fight to get you the fair and just settlement you deserve.